Bloke goes around calling teachers by their first name and filming their reaction

Bloke goes around calling teachers by their first name and filming their reaction

Bloody high school was an interesting time wasn’t it? While you were going through your own personal puberty, awkward phase and journey of self-discovery, you also had to interact with a bunch of adults you barely knew. The general rule of thumb there, unless you went to some weird bloody hippy school was – and still is – teachers are addressed by the pronouns of Sir and Miss, or by Mr and Mrs whatever their last name was. Did you ever try to call a teacher by their first name? This bloke does…

Here’s a teacher who’s given this kid detention before. Credit: Entertvinment

Anyway, we’re off to a high school in the States for this one, we think. It could be Canada, but either way, your Geography’s just about there. Regardless of where it is, though, this video really shows that teachers are people too. And, to be fair, that’s just f**ken weird. After all, who would put themselves through that f**ken nightmare?

This guy looks like he’s waiting for the shooting to start. Credit: Entertvinment

As a side-note, did you ever see one of your teachers out in public? How f**ken weird is it. It’s like holy s**t, what the f**k are these freakazoids doing out in public? Don’t they just put them back in the store-room overnight? Evidently not. Watching the reactions in this video, it seems that some of these guys and girls even have personalities. Who knew that was possible?

This dude is chill as f**k. Credit: Entertvinment

Anyway, the bloke with the video camera strolls around addressing teachers by their first names. It’s an interesting little video in a few ways. First of all, these teachers all know this kid and have an opinion of him. So except for one, maybe two, these teachers don’t seem so bothered by the first name. Yeah, nah, they look like they’re thinking what sort of dips**t meme is this dude going to put me in now.

This dude looks oldschool. He’s like, ‘Once the camera’s off. You’re in trouble, kid.’ Credit: Entertvinment

That’s got to be an issue with bloody cameras all around us. We know what the internet’s like. Set one foot wrong and you’re f**ked. Other than that, most of them look kind of amused, and I’d suggest these guys all have a fair idea of the kid’s antics.

He’s got that ‘in the middle of assessment marking’ hair going on. Credit: Entertvinment

Big props to Sue, though. She is not taking his s**t. “I’m not Sue to you.” F**k yeah, Sue. You let him know who’s boss. F**ken you, Sue. F**ken you!

‘I’m not Sue to you. What do you want?’ Credit: Entertvinment

Final thought: We dunno about you guys, but back in our day, teachers weren’t really to be f**ked with. Mum and Dad would certainly have given us a swift kick up the arse if they heard we were pulling s**t like this. It’s not so much that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just that there’s a line of respect there that should probably be adhered to. Teachers work their f**ken guts out for the kids and they do it in some pretty trying circumstances. Give the f**kers some respect for everything they do, we reckon.

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