This bloke improves movies by editing his cat into them

Credit: OwlKitty

This bloke improves movies by editing his cat into them

We all know a little pussy can improve pretty much anything. Seriously, think about it: an afternoon at home? Improved with the addition of pussy. A trip to your grandma’s? Way better with pussy. A few movies? Again, made much better with the inclusion of pussy. Yep, it’s just that simple. Pussy makes everything better. Ah, hang on, get your minds out of the gutter, ya bloody bogans. We’re talking about cats. Those furry little buggers can make any experience more entertaining. That’s why we love this dude’s video edits…

Tibo Charroppin is a pretty bloody talented video editor, and if his Instagram page, Owl Kitty is anything to go by, Lizzy – his pet cat – is a bloody star in the making. With over 400 thousand Instagram fans watching the cat’s exploits, she’s really making a name for herself.

And, you know what, upon watching some of these movies, it becomes apparent pretty bloody quickly that every single one of them is improved by the addition of pussy. Lizzy – or Owl Kitty if you use her stage-name – is pretty bloody versatile in her range.

Whether she’s taking a trip down the rabbit-hole in The Matrix, slowly descending into madness as a result of evil spirits in The Shining, hunting hobbits in The Lord of the Rings or even scoring a bloody screamer on a soccer pitch, this cat is like Scarlett Johansson; it can play any role and it should be allowed to.

Honestly, have a watch of a few of these and tell us they’re not improvements in every aspect. And, er, yeah, nah, we’re not talking about this in a limited way. We mean everything from the cinematography to the mise en scène, to the sheer bloody star-power.

Final thought: Jokes and hyperbole aside, you’ve got to admit this is some pretty clever editing. If you’ve got any recommendations for Tibo to add to the collection, give him a follow over on the old Instagram and let him know.

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