According to this Aussie legend a big ‘Yowie’ is roaming the outback

Credit: Getty/Sunshine Coast Yowie Research

According to this Aussie legend a big ‘Yowie’ is roaming the outback

Like plenty of other places, we’ve got our own version of the bigfoot here in bloody Ozzyland. Deadset, we’ve got a big hairy cobber running around the forest, leaving carefully placed footprints in wet mud and terrorising the locals too. We call our one the yowie, and depending on who you ask, he’s either a load of old horseshit or a fair dinkum Ozzy cryptid. Lately, there’s been a few ‘sightings’ of the big fella, and that’s led one of our legendary bushmen to speak out: Les Hiddins aka The Bush Tucker Man!

The Bush Tucker Man, now 72, was a true blue outback legend in his day, and in all fairness to him, we wouldn’t want to go challenging him on bush lore or knowledge.

The Bush Tucker Man Credit: Getty

Matter of fact, he’s a dude Bear Grylls should probably hang with. Old Les’d show him that he doesn’t have to pipe dirty puddle-water up his cloaca to get a drink, that’s for sure.

Anyway, moving on, our yowie stories are pretty bloody similar to the ones you’ve heard about the bigfoot, the abominable snowman, the yeti and the sasquatch in that they’re probably made up by fellas who just wanna wiggle your wombat.

Looks like the Jack Links sasquatch to us. Don’t mess with him. Credit: Sunshine Coast Yowie Research

Old Les, though, he’s not so sure. Thanks largely to a couple of teenage boys who reckon they’ve recorded a yowie moaning in the night sky, and a sheila from the bush who says yowies leave her gifts of macadamia nuts, yowies have made the news again here.

That’s prompted the Bush Tucker Man to speak to the Townsville Bulletin. We won’t put words in the dude’s mouth, but here’s what he said: “I suppose it could be out there, and if it was I really think it would be living in rainforest areas. I believe some Aboriginal people talk about it as being ”the hairyman”.”

That’s clearly an ewok. Credit: Gareth Dawe

He then went on to reveal an experience that he reckons could have been the yowie. “We camped in the rainforest overnight and when we woke the next morning we saw that a bed had been made on the open ground overnight. It was made up of fronds … they looked like they had been chewed off, not cut.”

Apparently, an academic who was camping with him said it was the kind of bed a primate would make. As a result, Les reckons that our forests could definitely be harbouring the legendary yowie. “We’re still exploring it (the forest) and finding out more things about it. We still will be for another 100 years,’ he told the Bulletin.

Don’t these people have the ability to zoom in? Credit: Sunshine Coast Yowie Research

Final thought: As we said before, we’re not really super-comfortable challenging an Ozzy legend like the Bush Tucker Man, but we reckon he might have eaten a few wrong mushrooms lately if he’s convinced the yowie really is out there. What do you blokes reckon? Is the hairy-man traipsing through the bush? Let us know.

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