Internet Cafe Comes Under Siege By Flying Snake

Internet Cafe Comes Under Siege By Flying Snake

The last thing you expect when you open the door to get a breath of fresh air is a f*cken huge snake leaping at you and trying to wrap itself around you.

Well, at some internet café in Thailand, it actually happened to some poor bloke.

The fella who opened the door was unfortunately looking the other way when the snake pounced.


Now let me say that again – the snake actually f*cken pounced.

You can see from the camera located outside the store that the snake was coiled behind some sort of bin, and sprung out and latched onto the unsuspecting bloke.

Of course the bloke looks down and sees a snake hanging off him like those guys who used to wear a chain attached to their wallet.

As you’d expect, once the dude started to panic, the snake did too.


It wrapped itself around the guys foot, causing him to actually jump and attempt to kick the snake off, nailing another patron and knocking him down too.

Now there’s two blokes on the floor along with the snake, and the snake crawls under two more seated guys who just wanted to play some counter strike or some shit.

Everyone gets up off their chairs and the guy who got originally attacked just legs it out of there.


Just goes to show that snakes like a bit of Counter Strike too. This one was already a good camper. F*cken campers.

I’m not really sure what the big deal was, here in Australia we deal with these guys all the time.

Anyway I’m off for a quick game of frisbee.


Watch the snake camp here: