Smoking Hot Russian Model Dangles From A Skyscraper To Get More Instagram Followers

Smoking Hot Russian Model Dangles From A Skyscraper To Get More Instagram Followers

Is it safe to say that online fame has started to go to some people’s heads in a very clear way? So much so that people have lost their damn wits? Because if there’s ever anything someone shouldn’t do for the sake of added popularity it’s risk their lives, but this 23-year-old stunner deemed the risk more than a little satisfactory.

Viki Odentcova is a woman most teenage boys would dream to wake up with. Beautiful auburn hair, a sweetly-innocent face and a figure that puts some Playboy models to shame. Basically, she’s everything an Instagram model strives to be.

See what I mean? Even still, what’s gifted with beauty is not always gifted with brains. In order to increase her online popularity she took a trip out to Dubai to visit some of the incredible skyscrapers they have around and wound up in a daredevil-esque stunt with her life on the line.

Foregoing all safety equipment she makes her climb to the top of the tower, then grabs on to a male colleague while dangling off the edge. No nets, no ropes, just the sweaty palm of a guy afraid to drop one of the prettiest girls he knows. I’m not a genius but even I can see that if this girl’s job is to be pretty and exciting then OSHA or whomever needs to step in with some safety rules, because she obviously doesn’t have her own safety in mind.

Who knows, maybe next time she finds herself in a little follower slump she’ll post a video of her skydiving without a parachute. I mean, come on. There’s too much pretty in her to be wasted on something as trivial as a few hundred more followers. Well, it just goes to show that beauty =\= intelligence, we just wish it did.

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