Queen leaks sensational document in ‘innocent’ photo

Credit: The Royal Family

Queen leaks sensational document in ‘innocent’ photo

If you’re as switched onto the internet as we think you might be, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen a little Twitter thread featuring the Queen leaking some sensitive data that’s been doing the rounds. If you have, don’t f**ken spoil it for anyone, because it’s well-worth sharing and seeing if people can figure out just what she’s leaked before it’s too late.

Look, we don’t want to preface this too much, but holy s**t, if you haven’t seen it, pay attention. This one shows just how easy it to leak sensitive info, and with all the s**t the royal family have been in lately – particularly with the Epstein case – it’s crazy just how she let this sensational document get loose.

It first came to light in a tweet from Adam Kay. “A quick thread on in the importance of being careful what data you share – even if you’re the Queen. Today, Her Maj tweeted this lovely picture, gor bless er, etc. You might think that the contents of the red box would be official business. And you’d be right.”

Yeah, nah, at first you’re wondering just what innocent s**t she’s released, but it quickly escalates. Especially when Kay puts a bit of computer wizardry to use.

“Now, bearing in mind this is just what I can achieve as an amateur Adam with a laptop, it makes you wonder what other matters of state might have been shared over the years. Let’s spin this round a bit and have a quick look at the top document.”

As he goes on to explain, “When it’s text you’re looking at, computers do have a major card up their sleeves. Words are simply patterns of pixels, and having looked at multi-zillions of them, they’re remarkably good at guessing what a word might be, even if the words are fuzzy round the edges. Optical character recognition, it’s called. So – without further ado – I’ve overlaid the best guess (99.3% accuracy per character) for the document in question.”

And, oh F**K YOU. Yeah, nah, F**K YOU, Kay. F**K YOU!

Final thought: Yeah, nah, seriously, that was great. Bloody classic. Top work. Stellar job. Bastard.

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