Pilot expresses his boredom on 2 hour flight with flight path writing

Pilot expresses his boredom on 2 hour flight with flight path writing

Remember sitting in maths at school, hating the f**k out of the class and ‘d**king’ your mate’s note-book? Ah, those were the days. Writing secret messages in the margins and then going about your business as if you’d been listening. If you’re anything like us, you probably didn’t grow out of it. Whether you’re actually drawing d**ks or whether you’re writing little notes, you might still do this s**t at work today. This pilot definitely does…

Righto, ya legends, hands up if you’ve drawn a d**k and balls in a colleague’s notepad lately. Keep ‘em up if you’ve sent them a secret message telling ‘em how bloody bored you are. Finally, give yourself a round of applause if you’ve done it to one of your superiors.

Credit: Pine Pienaar

According to Pine Pienaar of Flight Training Adelaide, that’s exactly what one recently qualified pilot did while testing out a single propeller plane’s new engine the other day. What a cheeky f**ken legend.

The young pilot was tasked with flying the plane at a specific power setting for two hours. And, in fairness, while we can barely sit still for an hour of television, that shouldn’t be too long for a pilot. Some of those poor b**tards have to fly for way longer than that.

Credit: Pine Pienaar

Anyway, the young fella had been up in the air for a while when he decided he’d use the plane’s tracking device to send his boss, Mr Pienaar, a message. He flew the plane in a pattern that, when tracked on the flight software, would spell ‘I’m bored.’ That’s not all though. Have a closer look and you’ll notice he whacked in not just one, but two, cock and balls drawings as well.

While he can’t condone the kid’s actions, Pienaar shrugged his shoulders and said, “Apparently he got bored. Young instructors, what can you do?” What a cheeky wanker.

Credit: Facebook

Final thought: There you go. Turns out your work’s not the only one that’s boring as f**k. Send us a picture of your workplace graffiti to show us what sort of messages you’ve left in the workplace. But, if you’re a f**ken tradie, don’t go sending us something that’ll get us banned from Facey. We know what you pricks are like.

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