Ozzy Man Reviews: Vikings Best Fight in Season 4

Ozzy Man Reviews: Vikings Best Fight in Season 4

I’ve never dedicated time to in-depth Vikings reviews like I do for GoT, but many of you know I’m a fan. We talk on the sidelines from time to time.

The show fills such a nice niche in the bloody market alongside GoT. When ya watch GoT you can enjoy the realism and themes within the fantasy setting. In Vikings you get the history of Earth and Europe served up to ya, so it makes it quite different from GoT.

The exploration of religion and beliefs is far smoother in Vikings I find as well. GoT gets pretty in ya face with showing fanatics in their world. For Vikings religion is mostly part of the furniture and the times instead of being used to make a point or a theme. Well, okay, Floki gets a bit fanatic some days.

In terms of fight and battle choreography…

I’ve always thought GoT wins that one by a mile…but I gotta say… Vikings really, really surprises me in terms of the tension it can pull off in its action sequences sometimes.

My personal favourite action set piece in Season 4 was in Episode 2 (Kill the Queen). Aethelwulf has to save Queen Kwenthrith from a castle. Simple. Awesome. Commentary below:

I chopped it down a fair bit, but the sequence is truly tense for a solid 5 minutes of the episode. Absolute pearler. It’s really stuck with me even though it was 6-7 episodes ago.

Lookin’ forward to episode 10 and hoping it ends big. Ragnar has been nice and tricky again and we’ll see if his plans work out. Frollo (French Rollo) is a bastard.

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