Miami Angler reels in 100kg fish and gains massive Instagram following

Credit: Instagram: @emilysriemer

Miami Angler reels in 100kg fish and gains massive Instagram following

Social media has allowed us all to celebrate peoples successes in their chosen fields. We can all post pics, and share them with the world – coining the phrase – if you don’t post it to Insta, did it even happen? Emily Riemer, 24 is turning a simple fishing hobby into a lucrative Instagram following by doing just that. 

Gone are the days when you’d go fishing with ya old man, only to turn up empty handed after a long day on the reels. You’d have to call into the local fish and chip shop on the way home so Mum didn’t lose her marbles over having’ nothing to cook up for tea.

Not a drama for Capt. Emily, she’s caught enough fresh produce to keep your local macca’s in Fillet ‘o Fishes for the rest of the decade, just look at these pair of beauties.

Capt. Emily travels the deep blue with Kingsmen Fishing on Hooked For Life Charters.

She’s racked up over 150,000 followers who seem to be mighty impressed by her fishing prowess. She reckons reeling in massive fish keeps her so fit that she can even skip the gym… Yeah nah, can confirm, this sheila is fit AF.

Just look at the fillets on this catch. You bloody beaudy.

Fishing for the big guns of the ocean can come at a cost. Her famous Insta-Rig has copped a scar from the bill of a cranky blue Marlin in Tobago. But Capt. Riemer wears it like a badge of honour, nicknaming the scar her “Marlin Kiss” and saying:

‘It’s my favorite scar!’

Capt. Emily completes the seafood platter with this decent sized lobster, completely with fleshy, plump tail. Nice.

Catching fish isn’t this sheila’s only talent… When she doesn’t have a rod in her hands, she’s stroking the bow of a cello.

‘I played cello in Lincoln Center in HS & Carnegie Hall the year after but my all time favorite place to play is in a fighting chair on the back of a sporty serenading my city!’


Credit: Instagram: @emilysriemer

Final Thought:

At a time when the bloody environment is all goin’ to the dogs, I bloody hope this sheila has all the required permits and adheres to sustainable fishing practises.

There’s gotta be some traditional hobbies that you blokes have taken to the next level yeah? Pump up ya own tyres and tell us about ’em in the comments.

H/T DailyMail and Instagram @emilysriemer