Kevin Spacey Pranks People Filming A Commercial

Kevin Spacey Pranks People Filming A Commercial

Kevin Spacey is one of those actors that’s impossible not to like.

Even if a script or an overall movie is shit he seems to always come out unscathed and having put in a decent effort. You can always say, “well, yeah nah yeah at least Spacey was cool.”

He seems like a true blue larrikin behind-the-scenes as well.

Some hours ago he posted a short video on his FB page in which he pulls over on the side of the road and asks some filmmakers what they’re up to.

If you’ve ever worked a job in public you know it’s annoying as shit when people come to you for a chat. The reaction from the filmmakers turns out to be pure gold though.

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It’s a super short vid, but a goody.

He’s definitely not out to be as shocking as Sam Pepper or Jalals with this prank. That doesn’t matter for me. I rate this prank 5/7 for sure.

I especially love the reactions when the team looked a second time at who was talkin’ them.


Gotta love that classic Spacey laugh as he buggers off and turns the corner. It’s just a Spacey prank, bro.

I’m giving Kev a Top Bloke of the Week Award ey.