Flat Earthers are planning an expedition to the edge of the world

Credit: Ancient Origins

Flat Earthers are planning an expedition to the edge of the world

You’ve seen the memes, you’ve read the roasts and you’ve enjoyed the hype, but now it’s finally come time for the Flat Earth Movement to do something they could have done ages and ages ago. Yeah, deadset, they’ve finally decided they’re gonna get some factual evidence to support their claim that there’s an edge of the world. Have a look at this little story and then sit back and get ready to watch some crackpot conspiracy theorists prove themselves wrong. Again.

All right, we’ll start with the obvious context. Flat Earthers are convinced the world is as flat as a pancake and that the globe model we all know and love is wrong. They like to believe Antarctica actually rims the edge of the world.

Obviously, everyone’s always asked them why they don’t bloody prove it. Typically, there’s an answer to this. Snipers on the edge of the world and UN laws that don’t let people cross Antarctica. Jay Decasby, though, has decided it’s about time Flat Earthers prove this s**t.

Here’s what he told Forbes:

All we have to do to shut this debate down once and for all is get the distance of the coast of Antarctica.

It has been done by early sailors (before the UN was established and set up its Antarctic treaty essentially making it illegal for independent and private exploration of Antarctica) who managed to make 60k+ miles which irrefutably proves the flat earth model, but like all other mountains of evidence for flat earth this is not enough for ballers today. [sic]

The Flat Earth Model of the World. Credit: YouTube

If we can get to the coast of Antarctica and sail all the way around it, we will get the distance that will prove it’s the outer edges of flat earth and refute entirely every single argument anyone can possibly try to pitch for the sun-worshipping cult of heliocentrism. [sic]

They’ve made laws to not allow any kind of motorized equipment on the ice which would help us prove not only flat earth but what’s beyond the ice wall, but in reality, we don’t even need to get onto the ice to prove flat earth. [sic]

The coast of Antarctica on the ball earth is no more than 14.5k miles. On a flat earth, it would be over 60k…we have evidence of 60k+ and none of 14.5. [sic]

So, er, yeah, apparently, the existing GPS proof that Colin O’Brady completed a solo unaided crossing of Antarctica in 54 days counts for nothing because the perimeter of our flat earth – Antarctica – is 60-thousand kilometres long, and O’Brady is full of s**t.

This should be a fun watch over the next few months

Final thought: Look, regardless of your own personal opinion, you can’t deny that Decasby is actually setting out to prove his beliefs right. Let’s just hope this goes the way of all the other evidence and they shoot themselves in the foot. After all, could you imagine the pandemonium if it turns out they’ve been right all along!

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