F*ck Yes For This Marble Machine That Makes Music

F*ck Yes For This Marble Machine That Makes Music

The Swedish band Wintergatan have posted a video showing off their latest instrument… A marble machine.

It has been a work-in-progress for some months (possibly years) but now we get to hear what the beast sounds like.

The machine uses 2000 marbles to make sound and consists of 3000 parts.

It’s fucken hypnotising to observe it in action.

And guess what? It doesn’t sound like utter shit. The song being churned out is bloody great. Marvellous effort.

See the video below:

It will be tough to take around on tour no doubt.

It’s gonna require one helluva custom made case to keep it safe. Nah. You probably wouldn’t tour with it. Or would you? Be wicked to hear/see it fully mic’d up on a huge stage.

They have to at least use it at some local gigs!

I feel very inferior only knowing my few chords on guitar. This thing is absolutely amazing.

Have a good one wankers.