News reporter bumps into dog thief while reporting the story

Credit: WHDH

News reporter bumps into dog thief while reporting the story

We’re not sure about all you big bloody bewdiful d*ckheads, but if some bugger pinched our doggo, we’d be f**ken distraught. Deadset, we’d be heartbroken. Although, we have to say that if we had the slightest inkling of who might have taken it, we’d get off our ass and find that f**ken dog. Still, that story’s got nothing on a recent tale to come out of the states. While reporting on a dognapping, a sharp-eyed journo spotted the bloody culprit and called the cops while she had him on camera. Check it out.

After gorgeous German Short Haired Pointer Titus was flogged from a vehicle in a Boston car park, Julianna Mazza was on the scene to report on the story. According to Cambridge Police, the dog-napping was pretty bloody brazen. Titus was stolen in broad daylight, and surveillance cameras captured the culprit as he walked away with the dog.

Mazza and her crew decided to film the report in the car park where the theft occurred. And, it turns out the bloody thief couldn’t help but return to the scene of the crime. As Mazza was reporting, he came strolling into the vicinity – with Titus in tow.

Mazza realised that the bloke walking the dog who looked like Titus looked an awful lot like the bloke in the surveillance photos, and she got down to read Titus’s collar and confirm his identity. Naturally, she questioned the dodgy bugger who had Titus on the leash.

Here’s what he had to say: “He was just barking in the car, and I walked past the car and I thought it was supposed to be a dog I was dog walking,” Gariepy said. “It wasn’t a kidnapping, it was just a simple mistake.” He’s since been charged with larceny and breaking and entering a vehicle.

Yeah, sure it was. Anyway, Titus was reunited with his owner, Greg Siesczkiewicz, who reckons he’s thrilled to have Titus back.

As for Mazza, she posted on Twitter, saying, “I NEVER could’ve imagined that my photog & I would be the ones to actually FIND him!”

Credit: WHDH

Final thought: What an epic bloody journey. Deadset, it’s not often stories like this have happy endings, but thankfully this one’s a bloody doozie. We’re calling Mazza a top sheila for her fortuitous sleuthing and saying that bloody Titus is a champ. Julianna, this top sheila badge is all yours!

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