A bunch of examples of hotels going above and beyond with their creativity

A bunch of examples of hotels going above and beyond with their creativity

Now that reviews on sites like Booking.com and Trip Advisor are an integral part of the hospitality industry, a select few hotels are going above and beyond with their attentions to service. Don’t get us wrong. There are still some dodgy places out there, but more and more are raising the bar – and that means customers are happier than pigs in mud. Check out these examples to see what we’re talking about…

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In our investigation into the bloody legendary behaviour that defines hotels going above and beyond, we noticed there are a couple of patterns. The first is obviously a pretty simple one: the hotel has found a great way to just make life a little better. The second is about customer service. Whether that’s the personal touch or some sort of systemic action, the result is the same. Bloody awesomeness.

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Up above, you could see some stuff that, really, was about infrastructure and service. A smart way to turn the shower on without waiting for the water to heat up? Friggen check. Curtains that avoid the annoying sliver of light? Friggen double check. A plant to talk to? Why the bloody hell not! Crikey, one bathroom even has a mini bathroom for the tin lids. Gotta love that!

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Of course, having a look at these, you’ll see some awesome personal stuff too. Need a fort built? Easy peasy. A picture of Robert Downey Jr? Piece of piss. Something to make your lady friend more comfortable. Bugger it, why not.

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Deadset, some of the ideas here are grouse. Have a go at the card that lets you give directions back to taxi drivers. Bloody legendary. The phone you can take with you on your journeys around the city. Hell Yes! Copies of 1984 in every drawer? That is top bloody notch.

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Of course, there’s a special place for the hotel staff who found a guest’s copy of 50 Shades and made a special sculpture for them. Imagine seeing that! Gold!

Final thought: Obviously, these places all seem like a bloody joy to stay in. If you’ve been lucky enough to stay somewhere just as awesome, upload your pics to the Facebook comments and share the love.

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