Bloke’s mates prank him with dissolvable swimming shorts while on holiday

Bloke’s mates prank him with dissolvable swimming shorts while on holiday

The best thing about having a group of mates hanging out and drinking together has to be the banter.

Providing every wanker is down with it, and no one’s gonna take offence, some of the best insults you’ll ever receive come directly from your mates, and some of the best ones you’ll ever dish out are aimed right back at them.

So when a group of ten friends went to Ibiza together, everyone knew sh*t was gonna go down. Well, everyone except the bloke wearing the dissolvable shorts, that is.

"Me shorts broke!" Credit: UNILAD

“Me shorts broke!” Credit: UNILAD

The unwitting victim of this awesome prank is poor old Lee Kenny.

Lee, whose friends describe him as ‘not that smart,’ is proud as punch with his new bathers. They’re monogrammed with his name, and considering they’re a bloody fine gift from his friends – and everyone is jealous of them – he should be.

The thing Lee doesn’t know is that this ‘lovely gift’ is a bloody set-up!

He’s been told that one of the lads, Sean, just happened to see a pair of swimmers monogrammed with Lee’s initials while he was out shopping.

With a trip to Ibiza coming up, Sean thought they’d make the perfect gift for Lee.

Quite the pickle, this. Credit: UNILAD

Quite the pickle, this. Credit: UNILAD

Lee was understandably stoked.

That’s probably why he donned the shorts on the very first day of the holiday. With everyone hanging out in the pool, it was a great opportunity to show them off.

Only, once he was in the water, the shorts started disappearing.

We won’t spoil the video for you.

It’s all there for you to see, but Lee’s reaction is bloody tops. “Me shorts have broke,” he says to a chorus of his friend’s laughter. One of them breaks the news and Lee responds with, “Oh sh*t, they’re all coming apart.”

He makes a quick exit where hotel staff help with what looks like a drinks tray as he tries to vacate the premises with a little dignity intact.

"Cover up that unsightly thing!" Credit: UNILAD

“Cover up that unsightly thing!” Credit: UNILAD

Final thought: it’s bloody grouse to see a bloke taking a joke like this with a big bloody smile on his face. Unfortunately, Lee’s mates – and in particular Sean’s wife Rachel – reckon there won’t be a reprisal. After all, Lee’s apparently, ‘not that smart!’ Ouch. Nevertheless, what a top bloke for taking it as well as he did!

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