Kids play ultimate Simpsons prank on school board meeting

Credit: Twitter/Henrico School Board

Kids play ultimate Simpsons prank on school board meeting

If there’s one thing we love here at Ozzy Man Reviews, it’s a bloody harmless prank. Yeah, nah, we’re not too keen on some of what passes as a ‘prank’ these days, but when it comes to classics like the old pun name trick, we’ve gotta admit that we’re a sucker for it. That’s why we loved this video. We’re not sure who exactly gets to take the credit, but whoever it is has done a bang-up job. Check it out…

All right, the first thing we’re gonna point out is that you’re probably not gonna see anything original here. Yeah, nah, you’re just not. What you will see however, is a prime example of kids getting away with playing a f**ken doozie on members of the school board.

It happened when the Henrico School Board, more than three hours into its agenda, turned invitations over to public comment.

We join the video just as a sheila, who we can only assume is named Karen, finished telling the board they’re answerable to her. Basically.

And then the fun begins.

Now, before we go on, we’ve been thinking about how this might play out, and we reckon the whole thing must have been streamed live because only a few others apart from Karen seem to be there, and the kids who laid this trap will definitely be watching somewhere.

And they’ll be loving it. Right after Karen finishes up, the chair calls the next speaker.

“Phil McCracken,” he says, without any hint of humour on his face. “Phil McCracken.”

There’s no answer, so he moves on to the next and the next and the next. We won’t ruin some of the classic names, but the look on his face tells you he’s resigned to his fate. He knows he’s been stitched up, and he knows this is going viral.

Still, he takes it like a champ. Don’t you reckon?

Final thought: This is the kinda harmless prank you’ve just gotta love. Now, as we said, we don’t know who the kids responsible are, but they f**ken deserve these Top Blokes and Sheilas badges. If you know ‘em, wait till they’re old enough to drink and buy ‘em a mid-strength beer!

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