Bloke With A Sword Vs Twenty-Four Beer Cans

Bloke With A Sword Vs Twenty-Four Beer Cans

I like a sword as much as the next bloke.

Many times have I contemplated purchasing a sword. For some reason logic or some shit holds me back, “why do I need a bloody sword?”

Maybe I’ll get Jon Snow’s Longclaw one day. Maybe I’ll become a noble knight when I grow up.

Anyhow… Seeing a nice sharp sword in action is some pretty entertaining shit.

The bloke in the video fucks it up a few times before managing to slice ’em all in one hit.

If you’re time poor head straight to the 2 minute 50 sec mark. Otherwise, enjoy the build up…

I definitely do prefer to drink beers and then recycle my hard work, but yeah nah yeah good stuff none the less mate.

You’ve earned yourself a movie deal with Chuck Norris I reckon.

Probably not a girlfriend (they’re just not attracted to sword guys anymore, maybe that’s why I’ve held back from the purchase), but oi yeah a Chuck Norris movie deal for sure.