Bloke gets busted w**king by girlfriend after she logged into their ‘Petcam’ from work

Credit: Imgur via Reddit

Bloke gets busted w**king by girlfriend after she logged into their ‘Petcam’ from work

There is little doubt in my mind that dogs are better than most humans. Honestly, we don’t bloody deserve our furry best mates. Committed dog lovers are ramping up the way we care for our canines, using tech to keep an eye on our pups when we are out and about. While I could talk about dogs all day, this story is more about when modern tech, pet care, and a solid wank combined with hilarious results.

In a recent Reddit post a young bloke explained to the internet how a relaxing day off all turned to s**t in a matter of seconds.

Being alone for the day with the missus at work, this bloke decides to have a little lie down and bust one out over his favourite PornHub content.

Seems simple enough yeah? Oh how you are mistaken my friend!

The bloke shared on Reddit:

I get an alert on my phone that my girlfriend had just accessed the PetCam we have in our room that’s on our dresser. (We got this PetCube camera for Christmas so we can watch our two dogs while we are at work/school/out.) I immediately stop, now knowing that my girlfriend just witnessed me jerking it mid-Monday so I text her “……..” . She doesn’t answer for about 2 minutes and then I see that she’s calling me.

You’d be sweatin’ like a whore in Church getting that phone call would’nt ya!! Not that having a cheeky pull is anything to be ashamed about of course hahaha

When the missus calls, she gives him some not-so-beaut news:

Now we’ve been together 2.5 years so this isn’t like a make or break thing and I honestly thought that although it was slightly embarrassing, it was also pretty funny. So I answer the phone laughing, ready for this to be something we joke about for a long time to come. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken to this being “funny”. She tells me that her co-workers had asked about our dogs and she wanted to show them on our awesome PetCam! But instead of two cute dogs on our bed, it was just me with my shorts down at my ankles, going to town on myself! 

How’s the precision of the timing though? He must be the unluckiest bloke in Oz, couldn’t get a kick in a stampede I reckon!

Seems this blokes dogs spend most of the day snoozin’ on his bed, hence the camera being pointed directly at it. This is the view from the PetCam that the original poster shared so that we can all get the concept of the angle and truly be able to appreciate the cringe worthy situation.

Credit: Imgur via Reddit

But like most Reddit threads, the real comedic gold is in the comments. Check out some of me favs.

Couple of optimists here ay? Always looking’ for the silver lining is a rippa attitude to have!

Bloody hell, I bet plenty of ya’s know what it’s like to have in laws that regard personal boundaries as optional, but that’s going a bit far isn’t it? Jesus Sharon, you’ll get ya bloody grandkid when i’m good and ready alright?

A reference to a great 90’s movie franchise takes a bloody strange turn here… that last comment is f**cken weird as a lemonade sandwich ay?

These blokes below make a f**cken good point. There ain’t enough liquid amber in the esky to lubricate that kinda awkward friction.


And finally, this clever little rhyme reminding us all that technology is not always here to help a bloke!

Final Thought:

Everything these days is hooked up to bloody bluetooth or f**cken wireless this and that… It’s safe to assume that we are never really alone anymore, and gettin’ a few solo minutes to bash your bishop is gettin’ increasingly more difficult. Now more than ever, we need to take the time to unplug from our technology; our ability to wank in private is being threatened for cryin’ out loud! Betcha Steve Jobs wasn’t thinking about these repercussions when he came up with the bloody Mac webcam’s and iPhones. FFS. Thanks a lot Jobby.

Images and comments via Reddit

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