Bloke asks if other dogs pewp as strangely as his, gets inundated with response

Credit: Will Formico

Bloke asks if other dogs pewp as strangely as his, gets inundated with response

You know we bloody love dogs here at Ozzy Man Reviews. Deadset, those little buggers are awesome. And, the best thing about them is that they’re awesome pretty much all the time. Note, though, that we didn’t say they actually are awesome at every moment. Yeah, nah, if you’ve ever had to pick up your pup’s chocolate crocodiles, you’ll know that even dogs have their weak moments. Anyway, this is a story about doggy-doo. When Will Formico posted about his dog’s strange dunny-habits, plenty of people were quick to share about their own dog’s particular ways of dropping the kids off at the pool…

As we mentioned, Will was getting a bit confused with the way his dog likes to s**t. Yeah, nah, as you can see, it likes to pinch a loaf on its own terms. Of course, Will quickly found out his doggo wasn’t the only one.

Credit: Will Formico

Credit: Will Formico

Credit: Will Formico

Yeah, nah, loads of people responded, and it seems their dogs really take the phrase ‘communing with nature’ literally.

Credit: Andy Hess

Credit: Monica Magoon

Credit: Alexandra Barker

Of course, they don’t only like to back one out in the bushes. Some of them really like to drop bombs on objects like logs, rocks, flower-pots and buckets.

Credit: Myranda Robertson

Credit: Rachel Shetler

Credit: Candida Patricia Araya

Still, no matter how your dog plants corn, busts a grumpy, or delivers the dookie, you’ve gotta admit that it’s probably the worst thing about being a pet owner.

Credit: Julie Gilliland-Clover

Credit: Jasmin Elli

Credit: Jordanna Bond

Yeah, nah. That s**t sucks.

Credit: Lissa Mikayla

Final thought: Yeah, we’re sure there’s some science behind this, and if we have it right, we reckon it’s probably got something to do with some sort of pack behaviour. Blasting your butt nuggets halfway up a tree is probably a way to communicate that you’re the biggest dog on the block. Still, we’re not experts. If any of you are experts on canine crap, let us know if we’re right or wrong in the comments section.

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