These pics are so bloody good it’s hard to believe they aren’t photoshopped

Credit: AidenAsh15/sarah.bethea

These pics are so bloody good it’s hard to believe they aren’t photoshopped

We all know that the ability to use Photoshop and doctor images is almost as important as the ability to take photos if you’re a photographer these days, and s**t, why wouldn’t it be? With a few simple tweaks, any simple image can really be made to pop. Crikey, anyone who’s whacked a filter onto their photos or selfies is aware of that. Still, not ALL photos are doctored. And, despite what you might think, some of them still turn out pretty amazing. Like these ones – have a bloody squiz…

Yeah, nah, we saw these and we immediately thought of you blokes and blokettes.

After all, who better to share cool s**t with than our Facebook mates? Once you’ve cast your eyes over them – whether they’re the result of the photographer having a whole lot of patience, a keen eye, or even more arse than class – we reckon you’ll love ‘em.

Credit: Tittzo

Let’s kick things off with one we’re not certain isn’t bulls**t. And, yeah, we get that you might wonder why we bothered to include it. Fact is, if it’s not bulls**t, this is a pretty bloody schmick photo and you need to see it. So, apparently, this is a photo of a freshly washed black car reflecting its surroundings from an angle that makes it look like a mirror. If it’s bulls**t, it’s still a pretty cool pic. Don’t ya reckon?

Credit: AidenAsh15

This is what we mean about the clever use of angles. The bloke who took this happy snap reckons it looks like his kid’s climbing a mountain. We’re inclined to agree.

Credit: RailTieYardGame

This one’s all about the fluke. Deadset, though, have a gander at the water coming out of the bucket and tell us it doesn’t look like another elephant. We dare ya!

Credit: mybliss

This one’s a bit of a headf**k if we’re honest. It’ll take you a second, but those trees have been blown over by a bloody storm. They look like they’re still bloody standing if you don’t count the exposed dirt and roots.

Credit: Mannos_Hands_of_Fate

Do you remember those Animorphs books? Well, this fella might just be an Animorph. Either that or a bloody were-eagle or something. It almost looks like the kind of t-shirt your stoner Aunt would wear.

Credit: youcancallmealsdkf

Some more clever angles here. This photographer’s lined their s**t up perfectly to make it look like the ‘X’ marks the spot where four dimensions intersect.

Credit: sarah.bethea

Yeah, nah, this kid doesn’t have mutant powers. The photographer’s just had the brains to wait for the light to filter perfectly through the ice. The end result, though, is bloody bonza!

Credit: morphdarko

Again, careful angles. The positioning of the pole makes it look like two distinct photos seemlessly melded together.

Credit: lazzyyness

Ooh, that’s pretty. The sun and the clouds timing their dance to perfection in this one. Good s**t!

Credit: brentenross

All right, here’s another one that’s pretty hard to believe. Supposedly, that’s the reflection of a rainbow on a murky pond. That’s different bloody gravy, that one.

Credit: Grown_Man_Poops

That’s not a portal to another dimension in there. Yeah, nah, the firey who took the shot managed to capture the flames burning inside this tree.

Credit: Zevyn

3D skiddies! We reckon the bogans among you will be out there trying to emulate this one later.

Final thought: As we said, these are some pretty bloody swish photos and you’ve gotta love the fact they haven’t had any help from Photoshop (or any other photo-editing program). Let us know if you’ve got anything that compares and upload it to the Facebook comments, or just give us a holler and tell us which one’s your favourite and which one you reckon’s full of s**t. Till then, hooroo, ya legends.

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