Aussie swimming coach loses his sh*t in epic celebration but apologises for ripping his mask off!

Credit: Discovery Plus/Getty Images/Maddie Meyer

Aussie swimming coach loses his sh*t in epic celebration but apologises for ripping his mask off!

The bloody Olympics – as we’ve discussed a few times lately – is a pretty f**ken big deal for the Aussie swimming team. Yeah, nah, it’s one of the sports we take really really seriously, and that shows in our high levels of performance. That’s not the only place, though. Yeah, nah, if you wanna see just how much it matters, watch Aussie swimming coach Dean Boxall’s epic celebration.

If we’re completely honest, you might have already seen this bad boy, but it’s worth having a look at it in a bit more detail. It’s full of pelvic thrusts, fist-pumps and sheer f**ken joy. And, we can’t ignore it, it’s drawn a little flak for the fact he ripped his mask off.

Really, though, that’s not what’s important here, and Boxall – who was clearly caught up in the moment – has apologised. What’s more important is the surge of joy he experienced after one of his swimmers knocked US legend Katie Ledecky (a five-time gold medallist) off the gold-medal podium.

Yeah, nah, Ariarne Titmus, our 20-year-old 400 metre Gold medallist busted out the second fastest 400m swim-time ever seen at the Olympics, and Boxall’s celebratory dance has gone viral.

We won’t explain it – you can watch it below – but speaking to Channel Seven afterwards, he said, “It just came out. I built it up in trials, it was coming through, and then when I saw the race unfolding I just couldn’t keep it in.”

Now, if you’re wondering why his dance is so reminiscent of the Ultimate Warrior’s, Boxall had this to say: “He’s my favourite; I used to follow him. I was the Ultimate Warrior [whenever I] used to wrestle at home when I was around about 10 … I just loved him, I loved the Ultimate Warrior.”

Yeah, nah, f**ken good s**t Ariarne. Good s**t, Dean. Good s**t Straya!

Final thought: Yeah, this has to be one of the greatest moments of Ariarne’s life. Add in the work done by the team around her and how they would have known what a challenge it was to come up against Ledecky, and this is top bloody work. Top work.

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