Another leaked Pentagon photo and report reveals another UFO

Credit: UAPTF

Another leaked Pentagon photo and report reveals another UFO

Mate, if you thought that art group claiming credit for the metal monoliths meant that 2020 wouldn’t end with same alien shenanigans, we’ve got some bloody news for you here. Yeah, nah, just like they have a few times lately, another UFO photograph has leaked from the Pentagon. This one was taken by a military pilot using his mobile, and mate, there might be cause for worry now. Have a bloody squiz and let us know what you reckon…

Rightio, to give you the background, the leaked photo was published by The Debrief the other day, and if it’s legit, it’s pretty bloody incredible. As you probably guessed, they’ve given a bunch of caveats about its legitimacy, but can’t name sources.

Credit: UAPTF

Apparently, one of the claims made about the image – which is Unclassified and For Official Use Only – is that it could be a dropsonde (an atmospheric profiling device dropped from aircraft).

Despite that, Terry Hock, the manager of the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Earth Observing Laboratory, reckons, “It certainly does not look like a dropsonde. Because there are no signs of a dropsonde below the object where the object could potentially be a parachute, and it does not have the right shape.”

On top of that, reports suggest this is the same photo that was detailed in a 2018 Intelligence ‘position report’ that explicitly states the technology could be ‘alien or non-human’ technology.

Credit: UAPTF

It doesn’t end there, though. Yeah, nah, there’s another image that’s an artist’s representation of a UFO detailed in another sighting off the East Coast of the US. This one is apparently able to move underwater and through the sky.

The US calls these vehicles transmedium craft, and a former Navy commander, David Fravor, saw a previous transmedium craft. He reckons, “The object was smooth, white and oblong, and had no visible wings or engines.”

Credit: Dave Beaty of The Nimitz Encounters

F**k yes, 2020, let the aliens reveal themselves. You know you want to!

Final thought: As we suggested above, we want to know what you lot make of this stuff. Is it military tech? Is it lizard-people? Is it the alien overlords? Give us a shout in the Facebook comments and let us know!

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