97 Year Old Grandpa Reacts To Riding In A Tesla For The First Time

97 Year Old Grandpa Reacts To Riding In A Tesla For The First Time

Pretty much all of us can agree that having a 97 year-old grandpa is something to be proud of. Particularly one who still looks as strong as the grandpa in the clip below.

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what the technology and lifestyle of today must seem like to some of the old blokes who’ve been kicking around that long?

Think about it for a moment. A guy born 97 years ago would have missed the first world war by a couple of years, but every bloody thing that’s happened since then happened in their life-time.

At one time this would have blown Grandpa's mind... (Credit: BT.Com)

At one time this would have blown Grandpa’s mind… (Credit: BT.Com)

Just looking back to the walkmans, public telephones, big-box televisions and manual window-winders of my youth makes it seem like another bloody era altogether.

So imagine what grandpa feels like when his grandson takes him for a spin in his bloody Tesla car. Clearly, he’s got some mechanical questions at first. And who could blame him? When he was born, cars were just starting to be marketed as vehicles for the average citizen and they looked like the kind of thing you’ve seen in gangster movies or The Great Gatsby if you’re one of the poor b**tards who stayed awake when their missus made them watch it.

You know...that might actually be cooler than a Tesla... (Credit: Wikispaces)

You know…that might actually be cooler than a Tesla… (Credit: Wikispaces)

Finally, grandpa gets inside the car. I kinda want to avoid the Tesla sales-pitch, but the fact that everything is run through the big touch-screen in the dashboard and the car drives itself at times is pretty cool.

Admittedly, the grandson seems pretty smug (remember that episode of South Park with the electric cars?) but Grandpa doesn’t notice or doesn’t care.

Now, the grandson keeps referring to the car as ‘a thing of the future’ even though he’s driving it now, but Grandpa’s polite about it and thoroughly enjoys the ride.

You've been warned... (Credit: Giphy)

You’ve been warned… (Credit: Giphy)

And why wouldn’t he? Here’s a man who quite possibly witnessed some of the major events of the 20th century. Here’s a man who probably thought technology was two tin cans and piece of string in his youth. Now he’s in a car that runs on electricity – at least until it runs out and you’ve got to wait for an hour for it to charge again.

Onya grandpa, welcome to the future (today)!

Check out the footage here:

H/T: Tech Crunch.