This $2 hack for getting rid of sand off your feet is bloody brilliant

This $2 hack for getting rid of sand off your feet is bloody brilliant

If you know anything about Ozzy Land at all, it’s that we’ve got some of the best beaches in the world. Australia is a fair dinkum contender when it comes to some of the most stunning coastlines on the planet. From Bondi, to the Gold Coast, St. Kilda to Scarborough and Exmouth, you’d be flat out to find more bonza beaches in one country. 

Apart from the chip-stealing seagulls, the only thing that can be a little pesky when you spend the day frolicking in the surf, and that’s the bloody sand. We’ve learnt to take the good with the bad, and we get it. If you wanna spend the day at the beach, you gotta deal with the little grains of crushed shells getting in all of your nooks and crannies.

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You can try to wash them off in the ocean, dry them with ya towel. But these attempts are bloody futile; and it’s inevitable that you’ll probably just end up putting ya pluggers on and suffering the grinding chaf as you cross the forty degree sand on your walk to the car, while ya carry your crotchfruit under one arm and a boogie board and an esky in the other.

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Like with most problems though, mums know best ay! Nah, yeah those clever sheila’s over at MumsNet have come up with a cheap and cheerful solution to one of Summer’s biggest problems.

The humble talcum powder has been hailed as the solution for this nightmarish scene. It’s cheap as buggery and effective AF apparently.

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The trusty tip stated:

“Chuck a load on your feet to help brush off the sand that’s stuck to them. Works like a charm.”

Another mum seconded the motion saying:

“Tried talc on sand today … got a few weird looks but lo and behold, it did in fact work!”

So you might look like a bloody tosser, but worth a try I reckon…. It makes sense ya know, cause like, science and all that. Sand sticks to wet skin. Talc powder absorbs moisture, ensuring the sands attempts to stick are useless as an umbrella in a snow storm.

Final Thought: 

Stick to using this tip on your feet and hands I reckon, no-one wants to see you de-sand your ball sack or minge on a public beach alright you cheeky bastards hahaha. What’s the best idea you’ve had for making your day at the beach beaut?

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