Man Gets Cheated On By Wife, Proceeds To Fill Her Car With Concrete

Man Gets Cheated On By Wife, Proceeds To Fill Her Car With Concrete

Only a few times in my life have I had the satisfaction of dealing some really solid revenge. I know it feels good doing it (maybe not so much after you’ve had time to think about it), but sometimes it feels just as good watching it (especially when it’s Liam Neeson in Taken).


I’ve heard along the grapevine that there’s nothing worse than a woman scorned…

What about a guy who has access to a fucken concrete truck? If I did, I’d be making sure no one pisses me off because I would be concreting every damn thing I could. You owe me $50 mate – If you don’t pay, I’ll concrete your car. Oh it would be pretty sweet. Didn’t the mafia used to use concrete for certain things??


Well that’s the idea behind this latest vid. Not murder of course, just good ol’ fashioned revenge. This bloke has access to a cement mixer and got pissed off. Not a good idea if you ask me. Time to cement something!

Apparently the man in the video found out that his wife had been cheating on him. Well, the man in the video also found her car! I think we all know what’s coming…


The man even tries to get into the back seat so he can fill that part up too. Unfortunately he can’t, so he has to make do with what he has got. He fills up the front two seats completely up with concrete, as his mates are looking on having a bit of a giggle. Yeah, no one is driving that car again.

Frankly, it looked like a lot of effort. Might be better to just listen to break up songs over a pint or two instead of vandalising shit.


Watch it here:

H/T: Dude Comedy