Irish Farmers Accent Is So Thick Even Irish People Can’t Understand Him

Irish Farmers Accent Is So Thick Even Irish People Can’t Understand Him

You know how in Great Britain, Ireland and Scotland there are so many slightly different accents that people in the next village over can sound different to people in your village? Ok so maybe you don’t live in a village but you’ll have to take my word for it.

In all seriousness I did some research and and the reason why this happens is that because people have been living in Great Britain and Ireland for so long, yet communication between villages and cities has traditionally been fairly limited. So accents in villages evolved uniquely over time, each with their own peculiarities. F*cken research man! Every day is a school day on!


It only makes sense then that the more remote and cut off your village is and the longer people have been in that area, the more ’unique’ the accent can become. Well, this is what happened in a small remote farming village in Ireland. We got a glimpse into their accent because a few of the local blokes there have had about 60 sheep stolen from them, and so they get interviewed by the local news.


The man chosen for the interview is called Mikey Joe O’Shea. I’ve not a f*cken clue what the man is saying because his accent is so thick it’s like maple syrup running down my hairy chest. So thick in fact that’s it’s not just Aussies or Americans who can’t understand him. It turns out even the Irish can’t understand him.


See it for yourself on the player below:

H/T: UniLad