This bloody fish has baffled the internet with its weird ‘human’ lips!

This bloody fish has baffled the internet with its weird ‘human’ lips!

We bloody love it when we get to share a bit of wildlife with you lot here on our site, and that’s why we’re a bit stoked about today’s piece. It’s all about an innocent little fish that’s set the internet on fire with its big plump lips. Yeah, nah, check it out.

Rightio, ya big bloody bewdiful b**tards, if you’re something of an amateur ichthyologist, you might already know that this gorgeous bugger is a triggerfish. If you’re an advanced ichthyologist, you might know that there are about forty species of the bloody things and that they’re found in seas all over the world.

Apparently, they have a strong-as-f**k jaw with teeth that are adapted for crushing shells. We’re not sure whether that affects their lips and makes sure those f**kers are plumper than a porker’s posterior, but we may as well hazard a guess, and say yeah, f**k yeah, of course they are.

There’s a tonne of other reasons they’re a pretty interesting fish, not least their tendency to have a f**ken crack at anyone who comes to close to their nest, but the reason we’re talking about them is the one that’s gone viral.

Twitter user Raff Nasir uploaded a couple of happy snaps of one of the fish, captioning it with a bit of a memory. He said, “”bibir dia lagi seksi dari aku” – which translates to “Her lips are hotter than mine”.

Have a look at some of the tweets we’ve posted here for you to see how the internet’s reacted.

Final thought: We’re not gonna go saying s**t about Nasir’s lips, but we’re in agreement with most of Twitter that this fish has got some fat f**ken lips. Have a squiz and let us know whether you reckon we’re right or wrong with our evolution guess.

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