These one-liners from kids are some of the greatest on the Internet

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These one-liners from kids are some of the greatest on the Internet

Let’s not beat around the bush; we all know that pretty much all of the epic one-liners parents post online and attribute to the kids are bulls**t. Of course, that’s not to say that all of them are bulls**t, and we also reckon that in most cases, the parents wish their kid had said something so cool. Still, though, even if they are a load of bollocks, some of the reported exchanges are pretty f**ken funny.

So, it’s with full knowledge that the narrators aren’t always reliable that we share these with you today. Yeah, nah, by this stage, we’ll pretty much forgive people for bulls**ting on the internet. The only time we won’t is when it’s actually harmful or hateful information.

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Apart from that, though, we like to think of the Internet like a bloody good fishing trip. You’re gonna hear some whoppers, and even the true stories are exaggerated beyond recognition. But, as we said before, we love it.

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Yeah, nah, the Internet is here for entertainment, and we reckon a bloody good yarn is a part of that. So, if you so see these stories circulating on the Internet, don’t worry whether or not the parents are telling the truth. Just roll with the story.

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Deadset, if it’s bloody funny, the story’s worth it. Of course, there are always exceptions, and if even one or two of these are f**ken gospel, then the future’s in good hands. Deadset, there’s nothing quite like a bloody good one-liner, and if the kids are busting out calls as good as these, then the future’s gonna be a funny place.

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Yeah, nah, we’re gonna love it.

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Final thought: Yeah, it’s time to open the floodgates, we reckon. Let us know about the funniest one-liners your kids have busted out. We wanna hear ’em. You know where to go; make your way over to the comment section and make your kid internet famous for their witty repartee. See you there!

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