Couples share the toys that have drastically improved their sex life

Couples share the toys that have drastically improved their sex life

Rightio, ya legendary champions, how the f**k are ya? If you’ve wondered just how the other half live, then this is the post for you. If there’s one thing couples do with each other between the sheets, it’s experiment. After all, you’ve got years and years to figure out exactly how to make your special someone get their jollies in the way that makes them incredibly satisfied. When we saw this thread on Reddit, the website where everyone likes to share (sometimes a little too much), we knew you’d want to know all about it…

The basic premise of this discussion was quite simple: tell everyone else exactly which sex toys were the most fun for you and your partner. Ready? Good. Let’s go…

Credit: Reddit

Credit: Reddit

One of the first posts was from a bloke names BobSacramanto. He reckons, the We-Vibe is the way to go…

We-Vibe: Credit We-Vibe

We-Vibe: Credit We-Vibe

We-vibe. It’s a little u-shaped vibrator that one end goes inside her. It stimulates her clitoris and g spot at the same time.

10/10, had it for a few years and will get another when this one dies.

Others go for a more dramatic approach. They like the effect of unrolling a massive selection of massive dildos and dongs. Just ask foxymcfox.

I use a Chef’s knife roll for the more adventurous stuff. Makes for a nice dramatic reveal to roll it out on the bed.

Credit: Liberator Fascinator Throe

Credit: Liberator Fascinator Throe

And then you get guys who have obviously considered this question very, very seriously. Like brauhze…

A “Liberator Fascinator Throe”, a moisture-resistant sex blanket. If you have a partner who produces… a significant amount of moisture, this can be a game changer.

Some people like recommendations from others. After all, sex toys are all about people, right? That’s why Deiterrc is paying it forward.

Doxy. People had been telling me for a couple years how good they are. Bought one and they’re amazing. They’re even great for back massaging as well?

Although side effect, my partner put it on my nose, and then he burst out laughing when I immediately sneezed.

Spankingsalsa went for the life-story approach.

After my husband lost a bunch of weight, he uncovered about an inch or so of cock (he loses weight and gets a bigger dick, I lose weight and get smaller tits, very unfair). Apparently, my vagina was at capacity prior to the weight loss. We took an old jerk off sleeve, cut off about an inch and a half, he can slide it around his base and it gives him the sensation of tightness and being deep, and gives us the piece of mind that he won’t accidentally stab me in he cervix.

Womanizer Clit Stimulator: Credit: Love-Honey

Womanizer Clit Stimulator: Credit: Love-Honey

And then a woman named penetr8 came along.

Womaniser clit stimulator. Can get me from zero to omg in 30 seconds

Corgibutt19 has a bedroom drawer that is ready to rock n roll!

Blindfold. Yo.

I always sleep with a sleep mask, so it’s always by my bed, and it can take quick Wednesday night humping to new heights really quick.

Other things in my must have kit: wedge pillow, wand massager, under-bed restraints (works great paired with that quick blindfold).

Prince_Edward is all about the Fleshlight.

My most recent ex gf was bad at blowjobs so she’d just beat me off with a fleshlight while I ate her out and then I’d finish in her mouth since she’d never get me to climax with just mouth alone.

Also idk if any of you guys have tried to keep going with a fleshlight during orgasm when everything gets sensitive but one time she sat on my chest and held me down and just kept pumping while I came.

I literally screamed and almost blacked out. 10/10 how I want to die

Obligatory gold edit: this is not how I wanted to be remembered. This isn’t what my ancestors died for.

Credit: Doxy

Credit: Doxy

Finally, how can we not finish with this great pun from mongobob…

A vasectomy. What a vas deferens from my old sex life.

Final thought: You can almost hear the google hits climbing now you blokes and blokettes are googling the various entries on this list. Let us know in the comments what toys you like to use in the bedroom.

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