#KindnessPandemic hashtag shows heartwarming acts bringing Aussies and others together

Credit: Supplied/Facebook/Mindful Moments Melbourne

#KindnessPandemic hashtag shows heartwarming acts bringing Aussies and others together

Obviously, it’s a time of crisis and the media has responded in the only way it knows how to – by focusing on the dodgier buggers out there and inciting chaos and panic amongst the masses. But, as you probably know, that’s not the full bloody story. Yeah, nah, turns out that more than a few of you are top blokes and sheilas. Have a squiz at these images to see what we’re talking about…

Rightio, obviously, we’re all familiar with the idea of paying it forward. It’s a pretty good one that sees you doing something nice for someone else without expecting reward or doing it in response to a previous act of kindness.

Credit: Facebook/Mindful Moments Melbourne

Of course, you could probably bring that s**t back even further and just call it ‘loving your neighbour’. Because, really, we’re a social animal and if we don’t have each other’s backs in a time like this, we’re pretty much f**ked.

Credit: Twitter/Lucy Zelic

Deadset, we can spend 2020 in a Mad Max state of panic and fear, or we can band together, forge common bonds, and bolster our communities with some old-fashioned mateship. You know, that thing we say is our defining trait.

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The images here show you a range of situations where people have been f**ken good to one another. Whether they’re helping each other out by offering eggs, footies, or bloody books, people really can be cool c**ts.

Credit: Facebook

Add the thank you notes to the retail staff on this one. F**k me, those legends have dealt with some s**t over the last week or two, and then there are the folks who are making runs for the homeless, for refugees, and for the less fortunate. Seriously, top blokes and sheilas, every one of them.

Credit: Facebook/Senator Raff Ciccone

And yeah, that sheila with the shelves, that’s artist Sally Ann Conwell. She started a food gathering run for asylum seekers and refugees. What a top sheila. She reckons that, “The idea isn’t to add to the current strain that grocery stores are under, we don’t need to buy up everything that is left. If each of us buy just one or two more additional things or finds items that are already in our pantry, we can give causing minimal disruption.”

Credit: Supplied

That’s the Ozzy spirit right there.

Credit: Supplied/Audrey Michelin

Of course, we couldn’t help but notice one group here who are probably deserving of a bit more love. While food in the grocery stores has been scarce because of dumbasses buying it all up, the bloody teachers have been right there while your children cough and sneeze in their faces, wipe their snot on assignments the teachers have to pick up, and completely ignore requests for social distancing.

Credit: Supplied/Audrey Michelin

Seriously, send those pricks a thank you card – or at least a bottle of hand sanitiser. They’ll love you for it.

Credit: The Kindness Pandemic

Credit: The Kindness Pandemic

Credit: Facebook/Helena Ellis

Final thought: What else needs to be said? Practice mateship, not selfishness. Be a legend, not a loser. Pay it forward, and stay the f**k away from non-essential gatherings. Till next time, keep safe, ya legends.

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