Simpsons set to parody Stranger Things in Treehouse of Horror Special

Credit: Fox

Simpsons set to parody Stranger Things in Treehouse of Horror Special

If you don’t think the Treehouse of Horror episodes are the best episodes of The Simpsons, we’re not sure how to break it to you, but you’ve been watching The Simpsons wrong. Frequently chocked to the bollocks with excellent homages, parodies and tributes, they run the gamut of horror genres. Over the years, they’ve included sci-fi horror, zombie horror, body horror and tonnes of supernatural horror. This year, the writers are mining Stranger Things for their Halloween scares…

Credit: Fox

Obviously, you know what The Simpsons is, and we’re pretty confident you’ve got a good grasp of Stranger Things too. After all, the freshly released third season just broke Netflix’s records for most people to watch a series or film within four days of its release.

With Fox having just shared the poster promoting the upcoming Treehouse of Horror episode, people are understandably pumped to see how Simpsons writers will tackle Netflix’s flagship sci-fi/horror hybrid, but with Lisa cast as Eleven, Wiggum as Hopper, Luann as Joyce and Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Martin covering the boys, it’s bound to be a cracker.

Credit: Netflix

The Treehouse of Horror episodes are a beloved Halloween special that usually fit three main stories into the show’s standard run-time. Fortunately, the poster also gives us a pretty good idea about the other narratives in this year’s episode – which will be the 666th episode of The Simpsons in total.

Credit: Fox Searchlight

The top of the poster shows Selma and one of Kang or Kodos recreating the epic love-scene from The Shape of Water. There also seems to be a story with Homer trapped in Mr Teeny’s body. We’re not sure whether that’s an original tale or whether it’s another homage, but either way, we’re pumped for it.

Final thought: Like we said above, as a general rule of thumb, the Treehouse of Horror episodes are the best episodes and we can’t wait for this one. Let us know what you wanna see the show do with future Treehouse of Horror episodes in the Facebook comments.

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