Dumped bloke gets revenge on ex with bloody gold Chewbacca prank

Credit: 9 News

Dumped bloke gets revenge on ex with bloody gold Chewbacca prank

Yeah, f**ken Star Wars is a pretty legendary franchise. Because of that, it’s also home to some legendary characters that tonnes of people love to impersonate whenever they’re given the chance. Deadset, you’ve got Yoda, you’ve got Chewie, you’ve got Darth Vader, and to be honest, the list probably goes on. So, when one bloke wanted to prank his ex-missus, he took advantage of that s**t and set up a competition, making people think they had to call his ex to win…

Of course, this cheeky bugger didn’t only have people call his ex.

Yeah, nah, he had ‘em do their best Chewie impression straight down the phone. As you can imagine, the plan worked like a bloody dream.

Credit: 9 News

The prick apparently plastered a bunch of posters around Cairns advertising a chance to win a hundred bucks. For your chance to score the money, all you had to do was dial the number on the poster – his ex’s number – and do your best Chewie roar.

Now, we’ve gotta be honest here. We’re not saying that the prank isn’t a dick move. It totally is. Matter of fact, it’s a super-mega-massive dick move. But, it’s still funny. Yeah, nah, it’s annoying as f**k, but, it’s pretty funny.

She told 9 News, “This would be the most childish break-up I’ve ever had. I’m getting phone-calls at really strange hours of the night; about one o’clock till four o’clock.”

Credit: 9 News

Don’t get us wrong, though. While we do see the humour in this, it’s really not okay. The sheila needs to live her life free from harassment, and no matter the content, that’s what this amounts to. She’s had to travel around town and remove the posters as she finds them.

She’s even been calling the impersonators back and letting them know exactly what’s been going on. It’s no wonder she’s talked to the cops about it.

As for the bloke who set the prank up, you’d better hope there’s no such thing as karma. If there is, we reckon there might be a whole lot of Jar-Jar heading your way.

Credit: 9 News

Final thought:  Obviously, we’re feeling guilty about laughing at this. Does it make us bad people? We’re not sure, but we reckon that no one else really needs to call this number and drive the poor lass crazy. To the bloke who set it up, you’re not getting an award. You’re a cheeky bugger and a bit of a talented smartass, but we can’t call you a top bloke. It’d just be the wrong thing to do.


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