Scientists are sharing their favourite paper titles. Some of them are friggen bonza!

Credit: Twitter/@ThomasCDix

Scientists are sharing their favourite paper titles. Some of them are friggen bonza!

Yeah, look, despite the stereotype of them being a bunch of dusty old grandpas, scientists aren’t actually as boring as you’d think. Yeah, nah, some of them even act like real people and have real human interests. Deadset, when they’re not injecting small animals with cancer cells, engineering new pathogens, and trying to disprove the idea that 42 is the meaning of life, some of them actually have senses of humour. Check this s**t out to see what we’re talking about…

Apparently, being a scientist isn’t all about Bunsen burners and blowing s**t up. It turns out there’s actually a side of it that involves being a pen pusher too. Deadset, once they’re done testing their hypotheses and recording their results, they have to write about it.

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Now, if you’re like us, you’re probably wondering when the fun starts. Well, the fact is that only the really lucky ones get to experience some sort of real fun. You know, like Seth Brundle or Crawford Tillinghast. For the rest of them, the fun only comes when they get to name their papers.

Credit: Twitter/@ThomasCDix

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Credit: Twitter/@ThomasCDix

And, in fairness, some of these science-types are having a f**ken blast. Deadset, we’re really not sure why they’re called ‘Dad jokes’ after reading some of these. You’ve got everything from puns on movie titles to outright crass humour.

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Yeah, nah, it’s brilliant. Have a bloody squiz at some of these. Deadset, jokes aside, when you think about it, this only makes sense. Scientists are usually pretty switched-on blokes and blokettes, and switched-on blokes and blokettes are well-known for their love of humour.

Funny that.

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Final thought: Obviously, if you know a scientist, you’ll know this s**t is right up their alley. Of course, if you are a scientist, we want in on this s**t. If you’ve got any great titles that haven’t been mentioned here, let us know in the comments section.

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