Couple share video of flight passengers joining mile high club

Couple share video of flight passengers joining mile high club

We’ve talked before about the joy of flying on this website, and fresh from the delightful story of the bloke who used the seat in front of him as a pisstrough, we’ve got more airplane action for your reading pleasure. Is it another urination story? Not quite. In this edition, a couple of tourists noticed the couple behind them were bumping uglies… so they put them on the internet.

Credit: Kiley Tully

Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

The mile high club is one of those things that sounds a lot more glamorous than it really must be. For an average sized bloke, the cubicles are a bloody tight squeeze as it is. Making the beast with two backs in there would be a f**ken nightmare. And that’s without even mentioning the puddle of piss and redolent stench that accompany most airplane dunnies.

So is that what these members of the club did? Yeah-nah, f**k that. It can go right in the too bloody hard basket. That’s probably why the randy young buggers decided to just do it where they were sitting.

"Smells like fish for dinner." Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

“Smells like fish for dinner.” Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

The video was posted online by a sheila named Kiley Tully. She reckons her olds were just trying to enjoy a nice flight to Mexico when they noticed the couple behind them couldn’t resist each other any longer. They thought the back seat of the plane was just as good as the back seat of the old Gemini at Makeout Point. They don’t seem to notice – or give a flying f**k – that others could be watching. They’re just partaking in some gland to gland combat right where they are.

Everyone else is oblivious. Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

Everyone else is oblivious. Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

Kiley told her Twitter followers, “My mom and dad were just trying to have a peaceful trip to Mexico and then they sent me this.” So far, it seems like no one knows the couple and they got away with getting one away. Young love, hey?

"Should we tell someone?" "Yeah. The internet." Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

“Should we tell someone?”
“Yeah. The internet.”
Credit: Kiley Tully/Twitter

Final thought: It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but apparently, some people just love crashing the custard truck in plane sight. If that’s you, I guess you think it’s a risk worth taking. Good luck to ya.

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H/T: Daily Mail.