People share their worst hotel fails from their trips

People share their worst hotel fails from their trips

Anyone who’s ever travelled knows that hotels can get away with tonnes of dodgy s**t thanks to their no refund policies and the fact that everything’s booked and paid for online before you even arrive. The end result of this is that once you’re booked in, it’s pretty bloody rare to change it up and say, “yeah, nah, keep our money. We can’t stay here.” As we said, if you’ve travelled, you probably know all about it. If you haven’t, then check out these images to see what we’re talking about…

Credit: time2fly80

You’ve got to start here, haven’t ya. If you’ve ever wondered if the sheets in your hotel are clean, this may well be the answer. Seems like everyone needs to start doing this. It’d be no guarantee, but you’d know for sure if you found one.

Credit: daveylovesMN

While it might not seem like a ‘nightmare hotel story’ as much as it is an epic case of trolling, it might turn out to be pretty f**ked if you actually needed someone to provide you with some bloody CPR.

Credit: Rawrnosaur

Have you ever met an artist? You can probably guarantee that’s supposed to be exactly what it looks like. It is a belly button, right?

Credit: MotleyHatchet

Hahahaha, if you’re not much of a planner, this one would really give you the s**ts.

Credit: benem94

Crikey, that s**t should be criminal.

Credit: BoyWhoCriedDoge

What is this? A toilet for ants? Be honest, though, how many of you would piss in the sink or the bathtub instead? Filthy buggers.

Credit: DiceGottfried

This here is prime evidence that you should measure twice. F**ken hell, you’ve gotta hope someone lost a job over it.

Credit: SpartanJack17

Pfft, there’s nothing wrong with this. Everyone loves a randomly placed doorstop that blends in almost perfectly with the carpet.

Credit: mclardass

That shouldn’t just be a firing, that should be a bloody beheading. That would suck balls!

Credit: abenomic

This is what we meant when we mentioned the marketing doesn’t always meet the reality. A bit of clever photography and bloody anything can look good. Read the reviews, folks. Read the bloody reviews.

Final thought: Just keep this s**t in mind next time you go travelling and make sure you always read the reviews. Photos are one thing, but the reviews are where it’s at. Matter of fact, why don’t you let us know about some dodgy places to avoid in the comments. Cheers, c**ts.

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