People submitted their most ‘awks’ family pics to this Instagram account

Credit: Awkward Family Photos

People submitted their most ‘awks’ family pics to this Instagram account

We can’t remember exactly who said it, but we heard a quote once that suggested a good sign of growing up was being able to look back on yourself and shake your head. Seeing as family photos tend to provide scary windows into the fashions of an era, the awkward phases of teenagers, and the shocking haircuts our Mums used to rock, these ghastly images often give us plenty to shake our heads at. Have a look at these to see what we’re talking about…

In the interests of full disclosure, these photos all come from and we reckon they’re bloody glorious. They’ve kinda obviously got a whole bunch of these, so if you like checking ‘em out, you know where to go.

“My great-grandmother worked for a photography studio in the 80’s. She was watching us one day and decided to surprise my mother with professional photos of the three of us. This gem was one of the pictures. I love how my sisters look so cute in the corner of the photo while I am in a food coma floating in the sky.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

One of the site’s owners, Mike Bender, is the screenwriter of films like Not Another Teen Movie, so he’s well-versed in awkward comedy.

“My mom with her brothers and sisters in the 1980s.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“I found my spirit animal at a very young age.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“Grandma wanted a photo with her Thanksgiving table settings. Nobody thought to check the mirror.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Of course, there’s no secret that some of the most cringe-worthy family photos come from everyday people.

“There’s a reason why my sisters were accepted into private school and I wasn’t.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“One year my mom made my brother and I outfits from the drapes that came with our beautiful couch.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“My mom has this picture hanging on her wall in her house for everyone to see. She sends it to me every Mother’s Day. This is me when my kids were little. Apparently my kids needed me and so did the dog, while I’m on the toilet.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Bender reckons that he and his friends started the website because they loved awkward moments.

“My mom and dad in DC in the late 80s.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“Grandma fell asleep. Then the tide came in.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“This is me and my dad 1977 Coney Island. He would be vilified and in jail today for this.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“I thought that was such a peculiar idea — to memorialize this awkward moment. But I also thought it was intriguing. So I met with my writing partner and friend, Doug Chernack, who I grew up with in New Jersey, and he told me that his childhood home was full of awkward family photos. And so we decided to start a website and our only hope was that if we posted our awkward pics, others would do the same.”

As you can tell, loads of people have taken ‘em up on the offer.

“Bring a toddler to a wedding, they said. It will be cute, they said.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“During a cousins photo shoot, my brother fell off the stool mid-temper tantrum and the photographer managed to catch all of my cousins’ reactions.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

“My hubby is a teacher. I’m a stay-at-home Mom. We have 5 kiddos, 4 of them adopted through foster care. A long time ago, I heard our pastor point out that when it comes to kids, rules without relationship = rebellion. From that day forward, I made a promise to myself to always make relationship with our kids a priority. And that means having fun with them and having a sense of humor. We want to teach our kids that being able to laugh at yourself (not in a bad, degrading way, but in a good way) is a wonderful attribute. So, we always do crazy photos for our Christmas cards. This year, we decided to make an awkward family photo.” Credit: Awkward Family Photos

Final thought: Yeah, look, we’ve gotta admit that some of these are pretty bloody shocking. Still, we know that plenty of you out there in the comments section have bad photos of your own. We won’t steal Awkward Family Photos’ thunder, but if you’ve got anything particularly heinous, share it with them and share the results here. They’ll bloody love it!

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