Louis Theroux Releases A Scene From His New Scientology Documentary

Louis Theroux Releases A Scene From His New Scientology Documentary

I bloody love me some Louis Theroux ey.

Weird Weekends was a sensational doco TV series and I’ve followed his investigative journo work ever since those early documentaries.

If you’re not familiar with his work I reckon you should get into it.

He goes into a lot of different environments (does a lot in bloody America as it’s such a big and diverse country) and tries to understand people. Really. That’s about it. Just try to understand people often seen as living on the fringes of society.

In the past he’s gone into prisons, talked to pedos, neo-nazis, porn stars, hardcore doomsday survivalists…the works.

So now it’s finally time for him to look into the world of Scientology. A clip has been released from his upcoming feature film doco. Video below:

[jwplayer mediaid=”2031″]

It’s sensational how calm Louis remains in that situation.

I can’t fathom why folks involved Scientology simply act bizarre. Are they ultra sensitive to criticism since South Park roasted ’em? Is there something more sinister they’re hiding? It’s baffling. I’d love to see one down-to-Earth person captured on screen who follows the religion. I’m sure that’s all Louis is trying to do as well.

He’s bloody good at connecting with anyone and everyone so let’s see if he cracks it here. Got his work cut out for him that’s for sure.

Wonder if I’ll end up on a watch-list for saying this shit. Ahhh whatever.

“My Scientology Movie” will be screening at elitist film festivals first.

I dunno when fans will actually get to see it. Classic distribution.

It’s sweet all his work is on the Stan streaming service in Australia. It was fucken difficult to get hold of for a while there. You can probs find the odd scattered episode on SBS on DEMAND as well. Think it’s his 3-part LA series that was on that one. Otherwise, Stan is smashing it, got all his work there for a cheeky tenner a month.