Confronting Book Covers On A Train ROUND TWO

Confronting Book Covers On A Train ROUND TWO

You may recall a post I did last month about reading fake book covers on a train.

Well, ladies and gents, comedian Scott Rogowsky has returned with a brand new set of ridiculous books.

His latest video has been posted on his YouTube channel RunningLateShow.

The fake book covers are just as outrageous as the first time.

I bloody love the reactions from people as these books are read with a completely dead serious face.

The sequel video is below:

I think my favourites this time would have to be “Hiding Your Erection From God” or maybe “1984 2: 1985” or “Book“. I would definitely read “Book“. It totally sounds like a thriller you can’t put down. Up there with the best of Grisham or King’s work.

Once again, I’m genuinely curious to read the contents in some of these classics. A treasure trove of elite knowledge lies within.

I think these vids are shot in Canada (?). Toronto?

If you’re in the area make sure you keep a lookout for the “Reading Train Bro” and his friends doing these crazy (and peaceful) pranks.

Nice work!