Bloke Pulls Off F*cking Intense Stunt On Talent Show

Bloke Pulls Off F*cking Intense Stunt On Talent Show

You just have to go and one up everyone don’t ya, Britain?

I see other European blokes and sheilas doing dances, ACDC cover songs, and roller skate tricks on talent shows, but your fucken country has to whip out a sword swallowing acrobat from outta nowhere doesn’t it?


I enjoy the diversity of shit you get to see on talent shows. It’s solid entertainment.

But this performance is off the bloody chain. It is genuinely very intense.

Basically, Alex Magala is a daredevil that kinda combines sword swallowing with pole dancing (ok not really dancing, he doesn’t do any spreadies on the pole like me favourite dancer Maddie Sparkle, but a pole is heavily involved). I’ll let you watch it for yourself. The chaos is below:

I had a lot of mental imagery of shit going horrifically wrong throughout that performance, boy oh boy, especially with the last move.

Nail biting stuff indeed.

I’d concur and say “don’t try this at home”…buuuuuut then I’d be promoting never taking risks and pushing boundaries. I like risks and pushing boundaries.

So, at Ozzy Man Reviews, I’ll say, “try death defying passions safely in increments and build your skill level steadily. Seek out mentors and advice to help you grow too.”

That’s feels like better advice. Too wordy to write at the bottom of a telly screen, though.

Pretty funny to see the medic unit shitting themselves at the end as well.

Aaaaanyway. As some of you will know. I very much prefer how they do things in Romania…