Bloke Calls In Sick To A Place He Doesn’t Work For

Bloke Calls In Sick To A Place He Doesn’t Work For

Some styles of comedy never get old.

The prank call has stood the test of time decade after decade. It’s simplicity yet tension over which directions a conversation will go is bloody forever captivating.

In this latest prank call uploaded to the internet a fella decides to call in “sick” to work.

The thing is he’s calling in sick to a business that has never employed him in the first place.

He also makes it quite obvious that he’s not sick at all. The conversation with the Assistant Manager who he has never met is a thing of beauty.

Video is below ladies and gents:

Amazing work by the prankster.

He had his “I’m young so there’s only so much I give a fuck about the workplace” tone perfectly down pat.

I used to work a fair few retail jobs in my teens and 20’s so this was kind of traumatic to watch as well. We’ve all worked for dead serious Managers I’m sure. That sheila represented the epitome of the Work Force… “We fucken OWN you son, welcome to the real world, you HAVE to do this.”

We all know she’s right…

Still… Doesn’t make it less depressing once the comedic factor wears off.

He also manages to prove that honesty is not the best policy if you want a day (or life?) of freedom. Also depressing.