This Kebab-Shop’s responses to bad Google Reviews are next level

Credit: Unknown

This Kebab-Shop’s responses to bad Google Reviews are next level

In recent years, we’ve seen the ‘clap-back’ response to Google Reviews become a genre of its own. In some cases, it’s been done really well, and the owners have dealt with obviously troublesome customers. In other cases, though, you’ve really gotta take the side of the customers, particularly if their complaints are valid and they’ve been roasted without justification.

Anyway, with all that said, let’s get to business with this one. We’re not gonna comment on the nature of the responses. We’re gonna let you make your own mind up. As we said above, some people are all about the business-owner’s response while some others are with the customer.

Credit: Unknown

The first one is simple enough. A customer got a fly in their kebab. They gave the joint a one-star review and commented, “found a dead fly in my food I ordered through uber eats. Absolutely disgusting.”

The shop-owner, though, didn’t think it was disgusting. He responded by saying, “Eat that delicious meat son great protein … stop the sooking drink a cup of concrete and harden the f … up son.”

Also, we’ll give you a word of warning here, We considered getting out the red pen and making the responses legible, but that’d take too much away from the sheer joy of them. Yeah, nah, these need to be studied in their original glory.

Credit: Unknown

After another one-star review said, “It was a bad experience, I ordered a large kebab with extra meat, there was big peaces (sic) of raw meat in it,” the owner had another dose of vitriol to serve up:

“Sorry to hear ur experience in our famous kebab shop when u come across these issues u must call up or come see the staff we will kindly give u a refund or remake ur food fresh on the spot . No need to right a review for this matter as ur a keyboard warrior and not gain enough to come to the store and tell one of the staff what the issue is and we can kindly assist u easy as that . So u got time to come down to the shop I will assist u just ask for big puppa he will make u feeling xcited and leave with a happy ending.”

And, it’s important that we mention, it’s not all bad. The owner is also passionate with responses to good reviews, and clearly has a big personality. So, you know, where there’s yin there’s yang.

And then there’s another one-star review that got his response:

 “Whats wrong Princess u not happy with ur food come down see me before 10am ill make u a kebab with extra mayonnaise just for u and u wont be wasting Ur time ill tell u that much love.”

And we don’t even know what to say. If you want to see more, you can check out more of the comments here.

Credit: Unknown

Final thought: Anyway, yeah, let us know whether these count as clap-backs or whether the owner should let someone else take control of the social media account. Post your thoughts in the comments section. See you there!

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