This bloke spent six years parking in every car park of his local supermarket

Credit: Twitter/@GarethWild

This bloke spent six years parking in every car park of his local supermarket

It’s pretty nice to pretend that life is always awesome. Yeah, nah, it’s bloody grouse to act like everything we do is exciting and worthy of documenting online for the whole world to see, but the reality is that life is the mundane stuff between the fun bits. Yeah, nah, don’t get us wrong, we’re not being nihilistic or anything, it’s just that sometimes you’ve gotta do the boring stuff. Like going to the supermarket. Still, it’s not like you can’t make that fun. Just ask Gareth Wild of Bromley.

To cut to the chase of the matter, Gareth is, quite simply, a top bloke. He’s a man of dedication, he’s a man of research, and he’s a man with a keen interest in his local supermarket car park. That’s why for the last six years he’s ‘kept a spreadsheet listing every parking spot (he’s) used at the local supermarket.’

Basically, Gareth was parking there one day, and in a moment of reflection, he wondered ‘how many of the different spots he’d parked in and how long it would take to park in them all.’

From there, he set to work. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna go detailing everything and stealing his thunder, not when he’s already done the hard yards, but his efforts are a thing of beauty. They come with colour-coded spreadsheets and everything.

On top of that, he’s even provided a secondary map that highlights the best and worst places to park if you happen to visit the same supermarket that he regularly attends.

Yeah, nah, this is pretty f**ken diligent s**t, and not even a global pandemic could halt his progress. Give his efforts a read and bathe in the glory of a job well done.

Final thought: There’s really not much to say here, but F**K YES, Gareth, F**K YES, mate! This top bloke award is yours. Enjoy!

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