America went wild for Aussie NBA draftee’s mum and she knows it

America went wild for Aussie NBA draftee’s mum and she knows it

We all know that some nights are all about fashion. Yeah, nah, whether you’re a big dag or you’re dapper-as-f**k, you’ve gotta admit that most big events have a night that’s all about style. In the NBA, one of those big nights is the annual draft. Yeah, nah, on a night when young Aussie baller Dyson Daniels was drafted into the big leagues, his achievement was overshadowed by his Mum’s dress. Check it out…

All right, first things first, if you don’t know much about Dyson Daniels, all you really need to know is that thanks to draft night, he now plays for the New Orleans Pelicans, and it’s exciting as f**k to have another Aussie over there.

Yeah, nah, it’s f**ken mintox.

But, as we said, his Mum’s dress is the point of this story. Brigitta Kool-Daniels has gone viral thanks to the dress she wore to the big night. When reporter Troy Machir tweeted a photo of Dyson Daniels and his mum, he mentioned that the player would be ‘a trending topic tonight.’

He was right, and according to reports, Mum’s dress had a lot to do with it. Now, she’s shared how she managed to go viral on her son’s big night. She posted a photo on Instagram, saying ‘Mayhem over a little white dress.’

Credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images/AFP

She also shared another post, thanking the team who helped her get the dress – and probably everything else – ready for the night. She said, “Love and Appreciation for the people and team that made our draft experience a lifetime memory.”

Credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images/AFP

Of course, she didn’t forget that the night was huge for Dyson either. Yeah, nah, in yet another post, she revealed that it was time to party and said, “We’re with you every step of the way, Dyson!”

Final thought: Yeah, nah, we know what it’s like to steal the show when we scrub up for the night, so we can understand how old love felt. Still, let’s not forget how exciting it is for Dyson to be playing in the NBA. We f**ken love it when Aussies crack big sports teams overseas, so this is a bloody mintox moment for everyone!

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