Meet The Surfer Sisters Who Are Called The Kardashians Of Australia

Meet The Surfer Sisters Who Are Called The Kardashians Of Australia

The Coffey family from the Gold Coast have been hailed as the Australian Kardashians. The similarities between the Coffeys and the Kardashians are overwhelming and pretty easy to see.


They’re siblings, they like being in front of a camera… Did I mention they’re siblings? To be honest this lot are probably a whole lot more talented than their Armenian-American counterparts. Like all good Australians, they like themselves a bit of sun and surf.


The two eldest, Ellie-Jean (22) and Holly-Sue (17) just recently competed in the Australian Open of Surfing as wildcard entrants.


They’ve also got a brother, Jackson, and two younger sisters – Ruby-Lee and Bonnie-Lou. I find it weird that only the daughters get two names each, while the bloke only gets one. What’s that about?


The girls are certainly going places, and have sponsorship deals with companies like Billabong and SurfStitch, and are signed to ING Models. Actually this sounds pretty good, maybe I’ll see if they want another sibling.


There’s even talk that we might get a reality show out of the family very soon. I can’t wait. Maybe it’ll be like the Kardashians with all the spinoffs like when the tall one and the short one went somewhere, and maybe a sneaky home video?


I think many blokes would love to see the ladies in action. I mean I can understand how people are famous for doing nothing.


Anyway, don’t forget to follow the girls on Instagram. You won’t regret it.


Check out Ellie’s mad skills:

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