HUGE F*cken Bull Shark Caught In Aussie Lake Popular With Swimmers

HUGE F*cken Bull Shark Caught In Aussie Lake Popular With Swimmers

If you are old enough to have watched Jaws when it was first released, you probably thought twice going in the water for a few weeks (or even years) after watching it. Well, if you were one of the people who took more than a few months to re-adjust after seeing it – you might want to look away now and stop reading.


If you have continued to read this far then check out the size of this huge f*cken bull shark that was reportedly caught in the waters of the Swansea Channel which is no stranger to swimmers and kayaking. Bull sharks can be found all over Australia and are one of the most aggressive species of sharks in the world.


The shark towered over the angler who managed to reel it in and strung up next to him looks to be about twice his height. The fisherman who caught the beast said the shark had been gut hooked and had put up “a huge fight”. Well it f*cken looks like it would mate.

While the image has left some people stunned at the shark’s size, others have felt a twinge of remorse that this great beast was removed from his natural habitat. In fairness to the fishermen though, he did try to revive the shark but eventually had to give up after many failed attempts.


It’s not the first time bull sharks have been known to frequent the popular waters of the Swansea Channel, with three spotted by swimmers in late February.

I enjoy the beach as much as the next Aussie but I think I’ll wait a little while before I go to Lake Macquarie for a dip. Having said that, in Australia we have bull sharks on the East coast and Great Whites on the West Coast! Not to mention the crocs and jellyfish. No honestly, Australia’s beautiful you just have to be a bit careful!


H/T: Daily Mail