Father reunites with abducted son after spending 24 years searching for him

Credit: CCTV

Father reunites with abducted son after spending 24 years searching for him

Mate, despite all the animal attacks, all the trips to Destination F**ked, and all the crazy s**t we show you on this website, nothing fills us with warm fuzzies like a bloody good news story. Where those are concerned, nothing is better than a f**ken solid reunion tale. And, in turn, where those are concerned, when someone who truly deserves it after a lifetime of perseverance is reunited with a loved one, we get a tear in the eye and a funny feeling in our hearts.

Before you go claiming that it’s too many Bunnings snags and beers, we’re gonna say that nah, yeah, even us Ozzies have feelings, and after watching this one, we’ll be doing laps of the house to find out who’s cutting the f**ken onions.

Credit: Weibo

When Guo Gangtang’s son, Guo Xinzhen, was kidnapped from outside the family home at two years old, presumably by human traffickers, people didn’t think there was much hope for him to ever be brought home.

F**ken Dad, though, was not having it. He got on his f**ken motorbike, and he went looking for his son. For 24 years. In that time, he inspired a movie called Lost and Love, starring one of China’s biggest stars, Andy Lau, and never gave up.

Credit: Reuters

He claimed that, “I thought maybe there was a ray of hope to find my son if I went searching for him. The kidnapper would never send my son back if I stayed at home. There was no chance. So, since the end of 1997, I began the search for my son.”

Now, thanks to DNA testing, authorities have found Xinzhen. They’ve reunited the family and made two arrests related to his 1997 kidnapping.

Gangtang told news reporters, “My kid has been found. The future is full of happiness. God treats us kindly.”

Credit: CCTV

And we don’t know about you, but we’ve got something in our eye.

Final thought: In fairness to the family, this is a f**ken epic story and it’s well worth giving the whole thing a big read. There’s a reason it was made into a movie: it’s amazing. F**ken good s**t to all involved, and let’s hope that the path ahead is full of joy and awesomeness.

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