Hippos save a wilderbeast from the clutches of two crocs in South Africa

Hippos save a wilderbeast from the clutches of two crocs in South Africa

Let’s take a trip to Africa, where the blessed rains have fallen, just like our good friends Toto sang about. We’ve got a good selection of animals on offer here, doing their thing and having an awesome time. Some tourists are lucky enough to have woken up at sparrow’s fart and made the long-ass journey down to the watering hole to join their four-legged friends.

As the footage opens we see some massive hippos in the water, getting nice and saucy in the mud. Then we see their mates the wildebeest, that to be honest, look bloody parched. Their ratty beards fluttering lifelessly in the hot breeze tell the story of their buggerising plight to trek down from the dry plains to get a well deserved cold beverage.

Seems like a beautiful day for a refreshing bev...

Seems like a beautiful day for a refreshing bev…

A few of them have just made it to the water when, out of f**kin’ nowhere, a bloody big nasty croc has launched itself out of the water and clamped is jaws around one of the wildebeest’s faces. That’s not gonna tickle! His mates are all like “yeah nah f**k this, let’s bail”, leaving him to fend for himself. But sh*t, here comes another croc that grabs his foot, the cheeky bastard!

F**k Meded!

F**k Meded!

The two crocs work in tandem to drag him into deeper water but just as he gets there a team of hippos arrives on the scene to help him out! The hippos bump grind and snap at the crocs telling them in no uncertain terms that they have no business bothering Mr Wildebeest.

"Need a hand?"

“Need a hand?”

They struggle for some time before finally realising it is going to be too much trouble for some tough, stringy beest-meat. The poor thing struggles back to the shallows and gets away with a story to tell his mates back on land that they probably won’t believe a word of! Check out nature at its finest below!

H/T: Daily Mail