Girl catches gruesome infection on her feet after not wearing shoes in rural Brazil

Credit: New England Journal of Medicine/Science

Girl catches gruesome infection on her feet after not wearing shoes in rural Brazil

Look, by now, you’re probably beginning to think there’s nothing nature can show you that would shock you, amaze you, or simply gross you out. You would, though, probably be wrong. We think s**t like that all the time. We see headlines like the one above and we think to ourselves, oh, yeah, what could it possibly do that I haven’t seen before? Well, read on, blokes and blokettes, because if you’re familiar with the red itchy bites you get from your gross mate’s carpet, you might just be shocked at what sand fleas from South and Central America can do to you…

Credit: CDC

Right, so first of all, let’s give you some context. We’re travelling to a rural part of Brazil for this one. We’re going to assume that most of you would wear shoes pretty much everywhere you go, but it seems that in Brazil, they’re a bit like Queenslanders and they see shoes as an optional extra.

And that’s probably how a poor ten-year-old shazza walked through a pigpen barefoot. We’re not culturally insensitive here, and we know that she might not have even owned shoes, but that doesn’t take away from the f**ken carnage the sand fleas hiding out in the pig pen did to her. Just to be clear, sand fleas, also known as jiggers, are f**ked. And if their scientific name, Tunga penetrans, doesn’t hint why, you need to think a bit harder.

Gross little buggers. Credit: Stanford University

As parasites, they attacked the exposed soles of the sheila’s feet and did their sand flea thing. That is, they burrowed into the skin, got frisky and laid their eggs. It’s pretty f**ked up, and it causes an infection known as Tungiasis. That’s when these creepy little critters enter the toes, soles and heals of your feet, creating lesions that look like something out of a Cronenberg film.

Once the fleas are in there, sucking your blood, getting bigger, irritating your skin and causing you to – no doubt – wish you would just hurry up and cark it already, they lay up to a hundred eggs which later fall to the ground and hatch.

Have a look at the pictures and vow that you’ll always wear bloody shoes in rural Brazil.

Credit: New England Journal of Medicine

Final thought: To go back to our earlier ideas about nature, it’s interesting that in poverty-stricken and rural parts of South and Central America, up to twenty-million people are at risk of this s**t. A lot of us should probably reflect on the sanitised nature of the places in which we live – and don’t have to deal with this kind of nonsense – and thank our lucky stars for the privilege we’re afforded.

Here’s an educational video about them. It’s still a bit f**ken gross, though. Be warned.

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