Couple’s wedding photos photobombed by sunbather who refused to move

Couple’s wedding photos photobombed by sunbather who refused to move

I love weddings. The smell of romance, the sappy vows and the talent on display in the bridal party. The day is just wall-to-wall action and people generally end the day in varying degrees of pissed-ness but always merry.

And the public loves a wedding too. If there’s a wedding in the park, it’s always good to have a gawk and see if you can sidle in to pick up some free champas. But sometimes the public are complete bastards, as demonstrated by this story.

Sure, England is known for having completely sh*t weather. In fact, the sun comes out so little over there that people get downright depressed for upwards of 95% of the year. So when the sun emerges, so do the pasty rigs. I know a few Brit’s which resemble a naked Ronald McDonald on the first day of Summer, so it is understandable that they would like to add a few layers of Bondi Bronze while the going is good.

Ripper spot though Credit: SWNS

Ripper spot though Credit: SWNS

But one sunbather was so intent on getting her base established that she refused to get out of the way when a wedding party came out of the church to take the happiest of happy snaps. The groom’s son went up to her to ask if she wouldn’t mind moving her carcass out of the way for a short time, but the sheila pretended to be asleep. I mean, how selfish can you get!

Reckon she's okay, there. Credit: SWNS

Reckon she’s okay, there. Credit: SWNS

Fair play, she may have been actually resting her eyes, but it took a hefty limo driver to take matters into his own hands to remove her from the shot. Even when she got up and begrudgingly stood to the side, she left her towel and belongings in full view. The bride told reporters:

“It’s a well-known wedding spot where you have photos taken, so she would have known it goes on there. Half of Torquay have their wedding photos in that garden. She was surrounded by wedding guests, the couple were behind her and the photographer kept calling different people over for pictures – so she knew what was going on.”

"Move would ya, love!" Credit: Daily Mail

“Move would ya, love!” Credit: Daily Mail

Unbelievable! Check out some amateur video of the incident below. While you’re at it, blokes and sheilas, check out how they arrest people in Canada!