Bloke Trolls Anti-Vaccine Rally In Hilarious Fashion

Bloke Trolls Anti-Vaccine Rally In Hilarious Fashion

Backyard immunologists and Google experts united around the country last month to protest against the Federal Government’s firm “No Jab, No Pay” policy which restricts benefit payments to families with non-immunised children.

YouTuber Lewis Spears identifies that these anti-vaccine advocates always have a medical expert on hand to corroborate their claims. However, doctors seemed to be vastly underrepresented in Melbourne as Lewis embarked on a mission to track them down at the rally.

He adds in his monologue before footage of the rally starts, that one would think that perhaps one of these medical experts would be on hand at such a large event.


Lewis patrols the crowd inquiring as to whether any of the attendees are in fact medically certified. One gentleman makes an impassioned speech outlining that he is there to raise awareness to people that are misinformed when there is no evidence to suggest that vaccines are safe or effective. Others ask rhetorically why there would be a doctor at an anti-vaccine rally which really just reaffirms the aim of Lewis’ experiment.

When he asks the crowd at large if there are any doctors present, not only do none present themselves, but he is abused by the crowd.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: Lewis Spears YouTube

Vaccine advocate and ridiculously clever unit, Dr Ben Goldacre claims that there is little linking what makes good journalism and what is scientific fact. The head of ‘Bad Science’ also claims that the story linking the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine to Autism was never originally founded in a solid scientific hypothesis, rather in an isolated study that gave a conflicting view on the subject. Many other ‘less interesting’ papers that gave predictable results were ignored. This, however, was enough to spark a worldwide anti-vaccine movement.


Other YouTube videos have likened parents who do not believe in vaccinating their children to not believing in sunscreen whilst at the beach or letting their house burn down rather than calling the fire department. Some commenters go as far as to say that couples that don’t vaccinate their kids deserve a jab themselves…from Mike Tyson!

Get a load of it all on his YouTube channel below: